Two Latinas co-creating a world that works for ALL

Dr. Carmen Delia Ortiz and Blanca Cecilia Carrero

Our Mission:

We transform the economic paradigm through our ethical-spiritual, self-directed and collaborative Transcendent Financial Planning System”, applied inside of a community of life loving  humans celebrating their racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, functional abilities and other diversities; all awakening to Unity Consciousness and committed to the co-creation of a new planet that works for all. 



Dr. Carmen Delia Ortiz,

Visionary Promoting the world’s Evolution through Ethical-Spiritual Entrepreneurship so that we can all Be more, Love more and Create more as One with the Universe

Columbia MBA specializing in Finance (1985) , Founder US Hispanic Women Chamber of Commerce (1989), first Hispanic to be awarded the Certified Financial Planner designation (1988), host of 3 live personal finance radio shows in Miami, Orlando and Puerto Rico (1993-2003),  creator and host of three online conscious business podcasts (2011-2020),  licenced real estate instructor and owner of first Hispanic owned real estate school in Florida (2006),  international digital marketing author and coach (2010-2018)  co-creator of the Ethical-Spiritual business model (2017-2022).

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Blanca Cesilia Carrero,

Psychologist specialist in Clinical/Community
Psychology.   Certified as an International Life Coach.   Completed the CFT-1  financial therapy educational program.  
Holds a Masters Degree in online education with specialization in virtual communities and digital courses.                                                                        Co-creator of the ethical-spiritual business model .