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transcendent financial living, PBC

a public benefit corporation supporting the holistic well being of all

In the spirit of ONENESS, we support Transcendent Financial Living as the Divine right of every human soul, regardless of economic status, race, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation.

What is a Transcendent Financial Life?
A life where we take care of our holistic well being so that we are empowered to
serve the WELL Being of Life as
co-creators of the New Planet.

Welcome message from Co-Founder
Dr. Carmen Delia Ortiz

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If your response is yes to at least 4 of the following questions, you are ready to shift toward transcendent financial living and to join our Activators Group

Let's get on the same page with "what is" financial planning, how we are shifting this paradigm and what it means for you

In this sacred space of deep transformation in the service of Well Being and Life, we seek to embody the 8 principles of Regenerative Economics, the 6 Patterns of Regenerative Leadership, and the 16 Commitments of the Earthwise
Constitution for a Planetary Civilization.

Carmen inspires us with her Heroine's journey as a Financial Planner

Introduction to the Transcendent Self-Directed Financial Living System

You are invited to participate as a member of the Transcendent Financial Living Activators Group. Together, WE CAN shift the current economic paradigm by expanding our own consciousness regarding Money.  

Send email to 

for a free Zoom meeting with Carmen to explore if the Activators’ Group is a right choice for you. 

Our Promise

We will support you with our 10 Step Self-Directed Transcendent Financial  System, so that you can transform your relationship with money, design your transcendent financial life, and be empowered to be in service to humanity and the Planet.

A Community Designed for Deep Transformation

Our innovative system is complemented with a virtual community of like-minded people, learning and growing together as they create their transcendent financial life.  The unique design of our System and Community allows you to create your individualized transcendent financial plan on your own schedule, with 24/7 access to ALL lessons, tools, dialogues, collaborative learning experiences, exercises and resources.  

Although live events will inspire you and allow you to connect at a deeper level with other Activators,  your presence is not required to receive the full benefits we have designed for you.    

Unique Benefits offered to members of our Activators Group

As a member of our Activators Group, you will receive a wide variety of unique life transforming benefits, including the following:

Additional Benefits included with your Transcendent Financial Living Membership

Unique and simple Self-Directed Methodology

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Onboarding to the Transcendent Financial Planning System

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Transcendent financial planning tech tools

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Special trainings and Resource Library

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Workshops to expand our evolutionary Consciousness and Coherence

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Group coaching and
ongoing support

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Micro virtual Communities collaborative learning and action projects

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Investment Clubs

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Local Community

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Transcendent Financial Planning is a case study of the EARTHwise Constitution for a Planetary Civilization, which means that you, along with us, vow to honor its sixteen commitments, which serve as our personal and collective pledges for co-creating the more beautiful Planet we know is possible.

In the video below, discover these 16 commitments and how they they will support your transcendent financial life.

Our Why

As you will discover in the video below, our WHY is HUGE! We are on a mission to change the current failed economic system from the bottom up. And there are 11 urgent reasons why we have taken on this mission. Please watch video in its entirety and share your feedback by sending email to


All humanity as “One” thriving and 

living a transcendent financial life.


To offer Universal access to our Self-Directed Transcendent Financial Living System, empowering  every person to design and manifest their transcendent financial life, regardless of economic status, race, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation 

Our Solution: The Self-Directed Financial Living System

Introducing The
Transcendent Financial
Living Planning System

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Our Capacity

In this section we present the knowledge, experience and colaborators/partners/advisors who support and increase our capacity to create and lead the company Transcendent Financial Planning, LLC, our self-directed financial planning system, our virtual community, the transcendent financing Ecosystem, and the Transcendent Financial living 

Global Movement.


Co-creator of the emergent ethical-spiritual business model. Columbia MBA specializing in Finance, Founder US Hispanic Women Chamber of Commerce, and first Hispanic to be awarded the Certified Financial Planner designation. Founder of CD Ortiz Financial Management Group, Inc., a personal financial planning and investment management company. Host of the live radio show The Power of Your Money and author of the first bilingual financial planning educational system. 

sadhana indie

Co-creator of the emergent ethical-spiritual business model. Psychologist specialist in Clinical/Community Psychology. Certified as an International Life Coach. Completed the CFT-1 financial therapy educational program. Holds a Masters Degree in online education with specialization in virtual communities and digital courses.

Co-creators of the Emergent Ethical Spiritual Business Model

Dr. Carmen Delia Ortiz and her partner Sadhana Indie are the co-creators of the emergent Ethical-Spiritual Business Model. Transcendent Financial Planning, LLC  is the first business applying this model. Profits generated by Transcendent Financial Planning will “flow” to provide seed capital to other ethical-spiritual business projects on a mission to create the new Planetary Civilization.

Discover the basic elements of an ethical-spiritual business in video below

Collaboration with Regenerative Communities

As you will discover in the following video, we have created deep relationships and are collaborating with global communities that share our mission of conscious evolution and co-creation of the New Planetary Civilization.  

We bring to you Extraordinary
Life Financial Planners

Special Trainings and Certifications

As presented in the following video, we have been preparing for this mission for over two decades. In Divine time, we have accepted the call and are blessed to have learned and grown along hundreds of beautiful humans as we prepared for this journey of the Heart and Soul.  

Meet Our Partners, Mentors and Advisors

In this video we honor the thought leaders that are guiding and supporting all humanity, so that together we can co-create the New Ecological Civilization. We are deeply grateful for their teachings and guidance in systems thinking, regenerative economics, deep transformation, regenerative leadership and WISDOM.

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For further questions, please contact us at or by completing the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Since this is a self-directed holistic system with a continuous and permanent application, you will decide how many weekly and monthly hours to invest.

THUS, investment of time should not be a consideration in making your decision to join our Activators Group.

All live sessions will be recorded and available permanently to our members.


As member of the Activators Group, you will receive an open invitation to join our Ambassadors program, which is our version of what is typically known as an affiliate program.  You will receive 25% of gross revenues generated from future members of Transcendent Financial Planning that registered via your unique link.

We offer a 15 day free trial during which you can request and within 5 days  receive a full refund of your investment with no questions asked.