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transcendent financial planning, llc

A new paradigm for a new planet

Intro to the Ethical-Spiritual Biz Model

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Transcendent Financial Planning


We transform the economic paradigm through our ethical-spiritual, self-directed and collaborative Transcendent Financial Planning System”, applied inside of a community of future humans celebrating their racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, functional abilities and other diversities; all awakening to Unity Consciousness and committed to the co-creation of a new planet that works for all. 

Our Subscription Model

In order to create access for those that do not have the necessary financial resources, are unaware of the importance of financial life planning, and/or find it difficult to obtain the services of a financial “Life” planner, we apply the subscription model within a low cost private membership. Our membership includes all the strategies, tools, support and deep awareness training that we all deserve and need in order to create financial freedom and feel empowered to support the co-creation of the new planet.
In addition, the subscription model allows us to build a social-global movement that supports “conscious” personal financial practices, thereby changing our current economic paradigm. Our vision of Ethical-Spiritual Psychology and its application to entrepreneurship is the key to creating Transcendent Financial Planning, LLC, an “evolutionary” company whose main objective is the expansion of human consciousness.

The following are some key elements of Transcendent Financial Planning:

  • Size of the population to be served in the USA: estimated at 10 million.
  • Size of the population to be served worldwide: estimated at 50 million.
  • Monthly subscription fee: average $50.
  • Opportunities to create partnerships with corporations, government and other institutions are limitless.
  • Goal for the first three years: 50,000 subscribers.
  • Future expansion plan: creation of the Transcendent Financial Planning Foundation to support, through scholarships, people from various countries who are unable to pay the monthly subscription.

Self-directed Transcendent Financial Planning


Presentation of the 10-Step System

Our audience, revenue model and income projections

Are you inspired to join us? If yes, next step is a Zoom meeting to answer your questions.